Millions of years ago when the greens dominated, life was still underwater and all the organisms were soft and squishy, when the mightier had the upper hand on the meeker and there was no way to defend other than run.

A small primitive fish called Radhi lived in the warm waters where food was abundant and friends were plenty but so were the bullies that used to prey on the weak. Radhi was tired of this and prayed daily. One eventful evening when Radhi was hiding, Tara the tooth fairy magically appeared, she said “Radhi,I’ll give a secret that will change your life forever but must keep your word to do it”.

“Please tell me Tara!” Radhi cried. Tara said “You see that lonely rock? Make friends with it”. Radhi said “It’s completely different from me, it’s inorganic!…but I’ll surely keep my word”. Radhi carried the rock like a shell and slowly but surely Tara was right, Radhi’s life drastically changed, It was nature mimicking nature.

As the years went by and this friendship evolved to bones, scales, claws and even early set of teeth, Radhi was grateful but she had one other problem and prayed to Tara for it. “You’ve blessed me a great deal but this chewing is temporary, my simple teeth hurt and wear off easily, there is no efficiency”. Tara said “for that, I’ll now give you a complex system made with specialized materials like none other hardened structure”. With this Radhiwas content, she lived longer, ate plenty, felt healthier, looked better and became stronger!

Your teeth are precious, without them none of us would exist here, without them there would be no civilization! Your teeth have an amazing history to have evolved into the most beautiful and the toughest part of you. You express through them what people strive to have, happiness.

When we see your teeth we see the extraordinary journey it has gone through, we see your beautiful smile that was shaped by millions of years of evolution and to help you with your teeth is our greatest privilege! At Shambhala, we believe your smile is a window to your soul. Your smile defines you.