Oral hygiene and dental care should not be underestimated when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Because teeth are responsible for so many crucial activities right from chewing food to looking good. And another thing we all know is the famous proverb/quote that prevention is better than cure. This means you need to consider and practice some of the steps to promote dental health to avoid cavities and painful toothaches.

After having a brief discussion over dental care with Dr. Surendra Kumar Alluri at Shambhala Dental Spa & Wholeness, we came across the fact that one needs to include these steps in their routine To-Do list for healthy teeth. Dr. Surendra Kumar Alluri is one of the best dental service providers in Hyderabad.

The following are the points that have been summarized for you to have that healthy smile and maintain tooth health all day long:

1. Begin and end your day with brush & floss

Brushing flossing your teeth right after you wake up and before bed is proved to be highly beneficial when talking about oral or dental health. Brush and floss remove all the food and unhealthy particles that are stuck on the outer layer part of the tooth and in-between the gaps.

We all brush regularly, but may not see the right difference. This is because you lack the right technique or toothpaste. Use a toothpaste that has adequate fluoride and calcium to strengthen the enamel. Talking about the technique, Dr. Surendar says that “most of us use a lot of pressure on teeth while brushing them. They become so harsh and end up damaging the outer layer in the process of cleaning their teeth. Brushing is to clean the teeth. This does not require a lot of force”.

Mind these lines and be gentle to your teeth while brushing & flossing.

2. Eat healthily and drink loads of water

We are what we eat! Healthy eating habits promote health when it comes to body care or dental care. Junk foods, sodas, gums, and sweets have bad effects on your health and teeth. They damage the tooth layers and are responsible for cavities. To make sure you do not have any particles left in your mouth, you need to rinse your mouth after every time you eat. This helps in making sure that your mouth is clean from food particles and bacteria.

3. Straighten your teeth

Irregular teeth easily store the food particles and plagues in the gaps. Teeth that are straight and are in proper alignment are proved to be more resistant to plaque build-up and more self-cleaning than crooked teeth. Another fact is that straight teeth are easier to brush, floss and easier for the hygienist to clean! When teeth are twisted and crowded, the hygienist’s cleaning instrument isn’t as effective, which allows bacteria to escape removal from your teeth during the cleaning. Invisalign can help in straightening and maintaining them healthy.

4. Choose your dentist wisely

Do not take the task of choosing your dentist lightly. Just like your doctor or surgeon, your dentist has the potential to make a tremendous impact on the health of your mouth and entire body – for better, or for worse. Also, make sure your dentist sees the value of a skilled hygienist and hires accordingly. Choose the best dentist and have regular consultations with them to maintain your teeth healthy and attractive.

Dr. Surendra Kumar Alluri, at the end of our discussion, pointed at one of the major considerations of teaching the benefits and the right process of dental hygiene and care. He said, “When you teach a child something new at a young age, he will learn the task and continue it well into adulthood. Brushing and flossing have been more important along with other said processes”. He added, “Do not delay or take your dental problems for granted. Consult your dentist as early as the first signs of teeth problems occur especially when it comes to kids”.

Hope you have got adequate information on maintaining your teeth healthy all day long.

PS: Special thanks to Dr. Surendra Kumar Alluri of Shambhala Dental Spa & Wholeness for taking out the time from his busy schedule to pass this useful piece of information on dental care.

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